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ECVET generations

With the Vilnius Jerusalem Labour Market Training Center of Vilnius (Lithuania)


with students of IES Emilio Muñoz, Granada (Spain)

in Soverato


with University Macedonian students

“Implementation of practical skills in Higher Education”

The cooperation with the Vilnius Jerusalem Center started before the foundation of JUMP, in Rome but the training center has been the first one to see in Calabria region an environment with high potentiality and in OUR TEAM the good partner for K1 and K2 projects. ECVET Generations is the title given by us to a K1 mobility project happened in November 2017 with 5 Directors of 5 different training centers in Lithuania. They came for a tailored made program of institutional visits organized by JUMP. 

- by the Regional Authority, department for professional training and labour development in the capital city of Catanzaro;

- by the biggest "Scuola Edile" (Professional school for builders) part of a national network in Catanzaro industrial area;

- by an adult education school (Calabretta) in Soverato;

- by a Technical industrial school (Ercolino Scalfaro) in Catanzaro;

- by local small businesses in Soverato and in Davoli. 

The term ECVET generations refers to the topic of the ECVET very important for VET institutions. The system to transfer competences and credits acquired during mobilities and in informal learning is still an open issue in Europe, closed between European guidelines, national laws and regional levels. With the guests from Lithuania is was explored the topic in specific training moments starting a long term research. It was also organized a skype with a national authority in Rome, ANPAL, the agency for active labour policies for job and employment. 

In March 2017 we hosted a team composed by the teacher and 2 students of the "environmental school" IES Emilio Muñoz of Granada (Spain) and we lived 2 weeks developing a special program for them. The main aim was to make practice in the field of:

- environmental education and protection;

- agriculture;

- use of technology in the field of forest and territory protection.

The students visited olive oil trees cultivations and other types of farm family business around Calabria, attended a specific course on softwares and programs studies at the university in environmental engineering, took part to lessons on European policies of environmental protection and local policies measurers for the wellbeing of the territory. They worked mainly with the JUMP team and with an external organization, encharged by JUMP, called ARPA composed mainly by environmental engineering. 

The students could also practice in a vegetable garden and cleaned social spaces creating new styles and taking care of a small piece of land. They worked with other young people from Romania and Slovakia speaking in English and reinforcing transversal competences like communication skills, problem solving, resilience. They learnt also Italian and acquired intercultural competences on Italy making personal researches on agriculture and cultivations. 

In the months of November and December 2015 JUMP hosted 10 University students studying "Business/finance and management" by the Eurocollege in Kumanovo (Macedonia). 10 students were places in several different business and companies in Soverato or in surrounding towns. 

By an insurance company (AXA), by 2 accounting offices (Studio Froio in Davoli marina and Studio Barone in Soverato), by an international company (Ranieri International in Soverato), by a big multisector company selling all for the building sector (BigMat in Satriano) and 2 of them taught English in a local Technical School (Istituto Calabrietta) ìin the touristic and economical branches. 

JUMP provided 3 flats close to the beach in Soverato marina and food in order to respect the given budget. Furthermore, organized lessons to learn Italian language, tours and excursions and other activities for socialization and to enter in contact with the local culture. 

It was then maintained active the contact with the sending partner (Eurocollege university) and was developed a further project for a student (in the frame of the EYE Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program) and the student came the following year for 3 months developing ICT tools and his own business in tourism between.

In 2018 it was applied an important K2 project written by the JUMP team including the Eurocollege as Macedonian partner. The cooperation is now a friendship and still active in many parallel aspects. All students are graduated, some made the PHD and all are now working all around the world and in Macedonia. 

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