Born in Davoli, a little town on the Calabrian hills, when she’s 18 – after she earned an accountant and programmer diploma (A levels equivalent in economy, accountancy, etc.) – she understands her way is different and moves to Rome starting study acting. From 1998 to 2013 she’s into Theatre heart and soul. The great passion pushes her to test and face several roles and different stages, but not only there. Her dedication for Theatre is a full commitment, indeed besides being actress, she’s assistant director, assistant costumer, stage designer, organiser, promoter and producer.

Speaking about theatre companies she collaborated with we can mention: The Tribe, Bonalaprima, Pari&Sipari, Linea di Confine, In Allestimento, I Beatles a Roma, Murder Party. A few performance: Friends of mine (also co-author), DeCamerino (also co-author), Due partite, Hamlet – Light Comedy Monologue (also co-author), Liolà, Le Troiane, 30 senza lode, L’avaro, Rome Together, Andata e ritorno, Sex in the city, Hair (co-author), Il malato immaginario, Jesus Christ Superstar.

When she’s not on stage, she’s also a theatre teacher for children and adults.

By taking advantage of instruments and theatrical knowledge she obtains to host a radio program on a web radio “L’armadio – Il Teatro cassetto per cassetto” where she is speaker and author.

In 2011 she decides again to change city and restart a new life and moves to London where – forced to find a job immediately to support herself – she starts working in different bars and pubs, turning into a good, capable and valued barmaid.

In 2014 decides to come back to origins.

It’s here, in Calabria, living in close contact with nature that Tiziana decides to use her experience of life and work, her knowledge trying to live a new, different, not stressful life.

Nowadays Tiziana is collaborating with local associations constantly growing with great success such as Davolivillage, L’Orto delle idee, C.I.D., dividing her time between teaching (Theatre, English, Elocution and various) and a personal bartending service at home with her new business “Drin Drink”.