TICO Training

Teaching is....Innovation, Communication

and Outdoor education

Description and main aims

Draft proposed program

TICO Training - Teaching is Innovation Communication and Outdoor education

Structured training course - 6 activity days

Course overview and aims

Innovation is a key word today in all sectors, especially in education. Teaching is a continuos progress building and it cross generations. In the past schools were a “world apart” from reality of everyday life. Parents were sure that children were at school protected and safe by the school system and the question: what my child will do in the future remained un-answered until the end of the secondary school. We will see we will see. Today is different. Reality and school world have to be more linked and innovation has to characterized teacher's method and behaviour.

TICO Training is an innovative structure of an intensive training lasting 5 and a half day which explores innovation in all its aspects. Teaching is Innovation. It's right. Teaching is Communication. This is also right. But also Outdoor Education and in this case we mean, that the windows of classrooms have to be opened to the outside world. Literature on this topic is broad and is filling the web with many articles and websites recollecting tools.

TICO Training doesn't want to be theoretical but practical fostering working in groups combining continuosly teaching methods and the use of technology.

Main aims:

  • explore through non formal education the main European guidelines on this topic

  • create a team of “European Innovative Teachers” taking part to the training building bridges to work together also in the future (teambuilding)

  • dedicate 4 full days on working with ICT in education

  • acquire competences in videomaking (1 day), blogging (1 day), creation of dynamic presentations, graphic, infographic (1 day), webdesign (1 day)

  • put in practice divided into groups directly in classroom (in a local JUMP school partner) the new competences working with Italian teachers and students at each level

  • understand the italian educational system and work with a local school exploring its life and organizational aspects (job observation)

  • learn new evaluation methods with non formal education and outdoor education

  • foster teachers awareness of their key role in Education in Europe and empower selfesteem, self consciousness, enthusiasm and spirit of initiative

  • develop entrepreneurial skills and explore transversally also the actual labor market at global level

  • develop communication skills and improving language skills and expression

  • promote the schools taking part to the training at international level and in the local context of Soverato

  • develop future ideas and possibile sinergies among participants for European projects

Target group

Mainly teachers and educators but also trainers and school directors. Potentially all adults and also entrepreneurs in the field of education.

Like all our programs, the present one is flexible and adaptable to special requests, depending on the subject taught or on the starting level of the participant. Furthermore, in line with the JUMP Academy method, our courses are based on a strategic balance between formal and non-formal education, indoor and outdoor education and the team takes care of a very important aspect of international mobility which is the intercultural learning which we develop with short excursions and facilitating the interaction with local partners, especially schools of the territory. We always try to connect our learners to local teachers and students to cooperate in developing innovation and networking for future projects. If possible, inside the program, a morning is spent inside a local school, visiting, observing, and cooperating in the realization of one or more lessons. The proposed program JUMP works, in European dimension and with an international spirit, at the local level and, according to the period of the training along the year and the weather, it is possible to change some sessions and add visits and meetings, in cooperation with our network of partners including schools involved in European projects).

Certification and number of days
JUMP certifies or 36 hours for 6 days course (6*6) or more if needed adding extra hours per day. Or 30 hours for a 5 days course (6*5). 
The course can be also extended to a 2 weeks course with the options 10 days or 12 days course if asked and agreed, depending on the project of the sending organization. 
10 days are excluded the weekend (5+5), 12 days are from Monday to Saturday morning (6+6). 

At the end of the training, JUMP delivers a formal certificate of attendance and the team is at disposal to fill the Europass certification document according to the EU model template and other needed documents for reporting of the sending institution. 

Costs: the cost is fully covered by the Erasmus grant. Write to info@associazionejump.it to ask for information on costs and the services provided to plan your mobility project in Soverato with JUMP.

JUMP works, in european dimension and with international spirit, at local level and according to the period of the training along the year and the weather is possible to change some sessions and add visits and meetings, in cooperation with our network of partners including schools involved in European projects)

Number of hours and certification

Our programs always foreseen minimum 6 hours per day from Monday to Friday and 4 hours on Saturday morning and 4 hours of intercultural activities to be done in group in an outdoor environment useful for teambuilding and socialization but also to discover the local reality, the beautiful nature of Soverato and surroundings and make some sport activity with is healthy for the general wellbeing of participants.

We furthemore recognize the informal and free learning done by participants which is spontaneaus and natural where there's will to learn.

In our JUMP certificates we underline the formal hours done in classroom, the hours done in non formal activities and the informal learning done in autonomy by participants.



- Sunday: arrival of participants, informal welcoming by organizers, if there's time, a welcoming meal with all (lunch or dinner depending on arrival time)

- Monday: 8:00 – 9:00 Breakfast

9:00 meeting in the B&B lobby. First welcome and briefing by JUMP Team, delivery of the final detailed program of the week.

Walking to Soverato city center exploring logistic, understanding where are the main point of reference and the meeting points useful not to get lost in the week.

Walking on the seaside and stop for a welcome coffee.

Coming back to the training room

  • getting to know each other activities – icebreaking games

  • exploring the topic: what is innovation today? Common definitions and personal definition

  • how am I innovative in my school, why and how? Sharing and confrontation moment

  • first short plenary

- “Innovation according to main European guidelines and trends of the moment in European classrooms”

- Measuring Innovation in Education

Lunch break


Tuesday morning

  • MODULE 1: Communication today and teaching. Teaching is communication and the school communites. Media education and the impact of media in our life and work.

Lunch break

Tuesday afternoon

  • MODULE 2: Videomaking. Short plenary of the trainer. How videomaking makes classes interactive and innovative.

  • Plenary on the use of a videomaking program for the creation of the video of the week. How to organize the work and planning starting for the “story-board”.

  • Group activity: “Paper, pencil and ideas” for the video of the week

Wednesday morning

MODULE 2: sharing first ideas and results of the previous day

  • Starting the MODULE 3: blogging. Teachers bloggers today and writing for the web. Building teachers and students competences with the creation of a classblog, interacting with students, use of images and videos, involvement of the students as a “press team” for the creation of critical thinking, mass media opinion and growing entrepreneurial skills for all

Lunch break

Wednesday afternoon: Going on working on MODULE 3: working groups

Thursday morning

MODULE 3: sharing first ideas and results of the previous day

Starting the MODULE 4: teachers supporting the school to communicate. How to create dynamic presentations online and infographics, videos to promote the schools activities.

Lunch break

Afternoon: Going on working on MODULE 4: working groups

Evening class: let's prepare activities for tomorrow. Groups are free to prepare a short dynamic (45 minutes) and put in practice something leant for an experimentation in a classroom of a local school in Soverato (JUMP partner). Depending on the level of participants to the training (primary or secondary school) JUMP plan that Italian teachers host colleagues of different Countries for “European Innovative Classes”.

Friday morning: activities in classroom in Soverato schools

Lunch break

Friday afternoon will be dedicated to an outdoor activities in Soverato, also moving and making some “light sport” activity (walking to Soverato superiore and watching the botanic garden in the panoramic street). Looking at the panorama and immerse in the nature of the South of Italy, teachers will move and will share how it was the experience of the week and the experimentation in classroom.

Teachers will recollect pictures and videos of the different experiences and are required to prepare presentations or videos.

Final “group picture” and delivery of certificates.

Video on the beach: “International JUMP”

Saturday morning: final outdoor (or indoor depending on the weather) evaluation.

Coming back to the training room: administration and Erasmus Plus documents.

Lunch break

Free time and shopping

Last social night


JUMP organises a training every month of the year excluded in the Christmas period.

If you're a writing a KA1 project, please, plan the most suitable period for you and your team starting from the 1 of July every year and then, when you will know if your project is approved, we will write each other and we will confirm dates and sessions planning together. If you prefer to write and you need a formal confirmation, please write to associazionejump@gmail.com