Practices and policies in the European context

Description and main aims

Draft proposed program

In the past the words "special needs" students were associated just with disabled students also called "special students". In some European Countries are still existing "special schools". In the actual wider panorama of the inclusive European school system, the term "special needs" assumed a very complex meaning and schools adapted to the reality of classes where teachers have to face the presence of students with a very diversified classification of "needs". Not just a physical or a mental disability. 

Teachers are asked to deal with it, respect rules and standards of the today school systems which are also very diverse in the same Europe. The paradox is that - while each National school system is still "not so European", in parallel in each Country problems are the same and teachers are learning - sometimes alone and in autonomy - how to create a "special needs education" - high quality and inclusive - without losing the focus on the program, on their personal and professional upgrade and on those students who are the opposite (called "gifted" students). For these new target group it started to grow also the so-called "personalised education" where teachers have to plan diversified pathways of teaching&learning for students who are faster and it seems that they don't need neither a school program o follow because they are incredibly autonomous. 

This course starts from a common knowledge of European guidelines and common guidelines for teachers under the main sphere of "inclusion and special needs". A first theoretical framework of definitions and policies crossing Countries but also a comparison among Countries. 

Then the course becomes more practical and examines practices, concrete laws and solutions at different levels. Thanks to a permanent research conducted by JUMP on this topic and deepening the confrontation among teachers, participants will understand a common theoretical base, will share the same difficulties at local level and will find a main guidelines in EU policies and legislative guidelines. 

One day of the day is spent in a local school meeting teachers and students facing this topic and understanding how the Italian national system and its policies. Finally teachers will work on a project idea to overcome barriers and plan a future cooperation. 

Objectives/learning outcomes:

clarify what is "special needs education today"

Give a European perspective and dimension to a common frame.

Share among teachers the topic of special needs students.

Understand new terms and definitions. 

Get to know EU guidelines and policies

Understand the Italian national system of inclusion and special needs education policies

Make friends and develop cooperation among teachers

Work in close contact with teachers, experts and also with students of the local reality of Soverato and Calabria region.


Sunday : arrival of participants, welcoming JUMP organizers, in possibile depending on arrival time, first social dinner (in general a pizza!)

Monday : 09:30 - 10:30 first briefing by organizers, presentation of the team, logistic of the local context, program overview and changes + proposal for night activities. 

10:30 - 12:30 Outdoor city game "Mission Impossible" in Soverato. 

12:30 - 15:00 Lunch break 

15:00 - 17:30 afternoon session. Working on EU policies for teachers - Europe 2020 and the key competences for the Lifelong Learning - Sharing K1 projects and practices 

Tuesday : 09:30 - 12:30 indoor session: "It's not just a matter of definitions: today in Europe, what does it mean inclusion and special needs". Laws and EU guidelines. Teachers share and is activated a confrontation among Countries. 

Lunch break . Afternoon session 15:00 - 17:00: workshop on special needs and practices among different types of schools. 

Wednesday: 09:30 - 12:30 indoor session: "From theories and policies to practices. Methods and example of schools working with special needs programs. Arts&STEM in working with special needs. 

Lunch break. Afternoon session 15:00 - 17:00: ICT and special needs. How to work to create a more friendly and inclusive environment for learning and make also teaching more international. 

Thursday : morning at school. Short visit and an activity with teachers and students. "Understanding the special needs world" directly with those who are living the educational system today. "Italian and European perspectives".

Lunch break. Afternoon session: debriefing of the moment. First mid term evaluation. Sharing different situations. Short workshop on "Coaching&mentoring". Extra activity. Excursion: Outdoor team building walk to Soverato superiore. Visit of the old church and the art of the old village. Visit to the botanical garden. 

Friday : 9:00 - 11:00 Working on a common project among participants. "How to make synergy for special needs students". 

Friday afternoon. Socialization excursion in Calabria with C.T.E. team

Saturday morning. Partnership building activity and final evaluation. Europass as a tool to assess the course, the experience and competences acquired. Delivery of admin documents and group pictures.

Saturday afternoon, free time . Final dinner among participants to say Goodbye to Soverato.

Sunday: departure of participants.

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JUMP organises a training every month of the year excluded in the Christmas period.

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