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SO-VET was born in 2016 thanks to the meeting of 7 partners of different Countries: Macedonia, Greece, Italy, UK, Sweden and Turkey around the topic of "SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP". 

Financed by the Erasmus Plus Programme in the field of VET education, the project will last 2 years, between 2016 and 2018 with an ambitious final challenge of creating an e-learning platform for professional trainers in order to develop a new kind of European Curriculum shaping the figure of "the Social entrepreneur". 

It will be a long and difficult pathway for partners which represents different realities and way of working but with a common aim: support NEET young people to overcome unemployment and total lack of orientation and hope. 


The 2018 is the year of dissemination, multiplier events and learning mobilities

From January 2018 the SO-VET project took the flight at local and at international level with JUMP and all the partners! While finalizing the Intellectual Outputs, the different teams in all the Countries realised many meetings at local level with citizens, teachers, youths and students, but especially with the NEETs of the Calabria territory. Furthermore, in February 4 young potential trainers went to Larissa in Greece to be trained and to empower their competences on social entrepreneurship. In April 2 young JUMP representatives went to Istanbul. In Sprin, between April and May, JUMP organized the multiplier events to promote and disseminate al local level SO-VET results and outcomes! In parallel the team planned meeting with public authorities and stakeholders in order to push their recognition of SO-VET learning platform and future action to make social entrepreneurship as part of the VET programs.

The first Multiplier Event held in Soverato on 25 September 2017

According to the project Plan, each partner organized a Multiplier Event in its Country and JUMP took the unique occasion of a double "Erasmus Plus Power" in Soverato (CZ). We had in Calabria 14 among School Directors and Teachers from 6 different Countries (Romania, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Croatia) participating to the TICO Training "Teaching is Innovation Communication and Outdoor Education" so we combined the presence of these international guests to invite participants from the local, regional and national context to join a special day. On 25/09 JUMP organized an event using non formal methods and interacting with stakeholders who represented the field of Education, Training and Labour Market. With the extraordinary presence of Ms Jess Mc Murray, directly from Oxford, facilitated by Erika Gerardini and with the expertise of Pietro Curatola, JUMP president, the event was a success and multiplied the effect of the 1st Intellectual Output: the "Need Analysis Report" available on line on our SO-VET Multilinguistic website. 

Our success story for the SO-VET platform is online expressed in a video

According to our task as partner of SO-VET, we had to provide to the project success stories of young entrepreneurs in order to create a specific chapter in the future online e-learning platform. We were bored to research and write so we contacted an association partner and invested the management budget in the realization of a video. We met in the beautiful context of the Botanic Garden in Catanzaro and we make a walking interview, an informal chat and we enjoy also a bit! We are pleased then to introduce to you the MEET Project Team! Watch the video and tell us your opinion!

Since when JUMP is partner of SO-VET partnership, there have been numerous occasions to share the aims of the project and the ongoing activities among partners, the news published on the official plurilingual website and the process of cooperation which will bring to the creation of a training online platform for trainers and potential social entrepreneurs. 

Meetings with adults and youths at local level, conducted both, in Italian and in English, to understand together the project SO-VET and what is "Social entrepreneurship". Who are NEET people, the English definition and the Italian translation. Brainstorming and Non Formal Activities to involve the community and start to spread the information firstly in the province of Catanzaro.  

Creation of the questionnaire for NEETs online and NEETs involvement

January 15, 2017

National launch of the online questionnaire for NEETs to be filled within the 26/01/2017 so to be ready to analyze results and bring them in a presentation to the 1st Transnational project meeting in Skopje. Pietro Curatola and Erika Gerardini are going to Macedonia from 29/01 to 02/02 to meet the new partners and the coordinator and then it will start the main important phase of the project. Setting up the base of the New European Curriculum for "Young social entrepreneurs". 

Starting the research on the state of the art of the Social Entrepreneurship in Italy

A new JUMP Research team, coordinated by Pietro Curatola, is conducting a research to write down a presentation for the 1st Transational project meeting in Skopje foreseen for the end of January 2017. Each partner Country is bringing on the same activities started in November and the coordinator is sending mails with updates and general guidelines to all in the same direction. 

After receiving the GOOD NEWS that SO-VET project was approved, the coordinator organized a first skype meeting in October 2016 and then it followed a real pathway of sharing, exchanges, coordination mails to make all feeling involved, step by step inside the project's topics and respect of project's timeline. 

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