Romina was born in Soverato (CZ) so she's Calabria inside but a "world girl for choice". She studied Modern Literature at the University of Calabria where she obtained a post degree in Media Education.

At the Universidad Internaciónal de Andalucia (Spain) she deepened her academic formation attending a course for experts in Audiovisual content creation for kids.

So far her life has been a succession of choices made according to her passions: kids and youth, Media Education and traveling.

Since 2008, she has built her path jumping from project to project, cooperating with different NGOs, across East Europe and Asia- in countries such as Romania, Philippines, Timor Leste, Cambodia and India… with the only objective to spread education and help underprivileged youth to fulfill their own potential to generate a change in their communities.

In 2015, she moved in UK where she started to study Storytelling techniques and stop motion animation with the idea to gain skills and competences to approach youngster using new technologies (mobile’s camera, photo camera, video camera, software and social media applications) and non formal education to help them to become critical prosumer (person who consumes and produces media).


At the moment Romina lives in Edinburgh (Scotland) where she's maturing higher skills and professional "bricks" of her career development. 

Trained at Cooperative Games & Conflict Resolution Skills for Schools Facilitator, http://peaceandjustice.org.uk in April 2017.

Co-Facilitator trainee at Dairy Primary School and Cramond Primary school Sept/Oct 2017.

Attended Cooperative Games & Conflict Resolution for Primary Schools Facilitator Training and Skill Share, 4th Nov 17.

Volunteered as Co-Facilitator in the project http://www.elrec.org.uk/project/true-colours/

(Edinburgh). The project so far has delivered several workshops directed to young people.

The workshops address important issues like bullying, discrimination, racism, homophobia, transphobia and gender equality through Non-Formal educational practices.

Recently she enrolled in a Conflictual Behavioral Therapy Course (Edinburgh).

At the moment she's attending a Display and Visual Merchandising study course https://britishdisplaysociety.co.uk/.and at the same time working as Nursery Staff Support Worker, Butterfly Personnel, Edinburgh.

Waiting for the right moment to go back to the roots, she tries to tighten bridges and extend the network beyond geographical borders.