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Learning comes alive with Project Based Learning - Teachers Training by JUMP ACADEMY

Projects are complex tasks, based on challenging questions or problems. They involve learners in planning, problem-solving, decision making or research activities. Through projects, pupils can acquire autonomy and responsibility, develop skills and apply knowledge, learning in a meaningful way.

For this reason, JUMP Academy, as an experienced Erasmus Training Provider, offers to teachers and educators a training on Project-Based Learning (PBL),often called Problem Based Learning, an effective student-centered model of teaching and learning around projects.

A team of experts in project planning will guide you during your learning pathway in the discovery of a dynamic classroom approach in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge.

Teachers who make Project Based Learning a regular part of their teaching enjoy their new role. When working together in a project, students work collaboratively with one another to share ideas, build understanding and complete projects, while teachers discuss, share best practices and look for inspiration from other teachers. And this cooperation makes learning relevant and authentic.

The ​learning outcomes of this certified trainings are:

  • Understand PBL in its different approaches

  • Clarify when and how is possible to develop PBL

  • Share practices and tools to develop PBL

  • Learn how to make PBL structured

  • Face difficulties and find new strategies

  • Get to know EU guidelines and policies

  • Make friends and develop cooperation among teachers

Plan your session or discover our training catalogue. Choose JUMP ACADEMY!


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