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Embracing digital opportunities

Since the pandemic has started we have become more and more sure that the future is digital and that schools have to keep up with it.

Embracing digital opportunities is the only way to efficiently combine learning and innovation and improve the educational processes.

If we take a look at the action plan released by the European Commission we do easily notice how important and mandatory it is to implement the methods of digital learning in daily activities.

Students are now required to acquire digital competences and it’s a duty of the school to provide them with interactive material and digital content.

In order to be up to the task, teachers must learn how to use online games and tools and support their lecture by employing them. In a society in which virtual reality and social media are taking hold, digitalisation allows teachers to exploit their students’ need of technology for educational purposes. It has been proved that playing games and using interactive apps support the students’ study, motivate and engage them more than a regular lecture would do.

During our meeting, held on 16/03/2022 with two teachers (respectively from Spain and Lithuania), we have seen several interactive tools that can be employed at school to improve learning, we have shared our experiences and started editing some interesting tools.

Embracing digital opportunities is a chance we must grasp in order to be innovative, effective and to leave no one behind.

Let’s commit ourselves and transform traditional schools into digital ones!

Written by

Giulia Tarantino - JUMP Team

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