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Call for the Youth Exchange - K105 project "Sustainable Entrepreneurs. Make cash out of trash"

JUMP with US in Erasmus Plus!

It is open the call for the Youth Exchange for young people aged between 18 and 26 years for the K1 Erasmus Plus project "Sustainable Entrepreneurs. Make cash out of trash" that will be held in Milcoveni, Caras-Severin County (Romania) from 6 to 12 September 2021.

24 youngsters and 6 team leaders from Italy, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Romania have the opportunity to understand better the idea of entrepreneurship, start up and MVP (minimum viable product), selling, promoting and sustaining an online operated business in the countryside to ensure a future and to help the community they live in by offering jobs, goods and services.

Participating organizations:

  • Romania - Asociatia Alternativa Eco

  • Italy - JUMP - Gioventù in riSalto

  • Bulgaria - Youth Opportunities Union


  • Lithuania - Asociacija "Aktyvus jaunimas"

  • Greece - Greek Youth Mobility – GYM

Main objectives of the project:

1) Developing the entrepreneurial spirit;

2) Empowering the development and implementation of small sustainable businesses in rural areas;

3) Improving the skills needed to manage, sell, promote and sustain a rural company;

4) Training 24 young people and 6 team leaders from the 6 partner countries in sustainable business management in rural areas.


The participants will be accommodated in Marabu Camp, in Milcoveni village near

Resita, in 4-6 bed rooms, mixed international, but NOT GENDER.

Financial conditions

Accommodation, food and materials during activity days as well as VISA costs (if needed) are fully covered by the project.

Travel costs for the meeting will be reimbursed upon presentation of invoices, e-tickets, boarding passes and other tickets.

Application and contacts

To apply to this YOUTH EXCHANGE send a motivational letter to

DEADLINE: Friday 18/06


Read carefully the INFOPACK attached here.

infopack youth exchange in romania
Download PDF • 859KB

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