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Erasmus Plus Training with JUMP - Business English Course

Aggiornamento: 27 gen 2022

Non formal training - Take out the English communication that is in you and use it to improve your career, find a job and develop your business.

The JUMP Academy, through its team of native English-speaking trainers offers a very interesting Business English course (internationally recognised and well-established over the years) that focuses on improving English language skills, as well as increasing the quality of all the other skills required for teaching in Europe.

The course takes place entirely in the beautiful local scenery of Southern Italy (home of good food, sunshine and spectacular views) which participants will be able to discover through short but suggestive excursions proposed by us, in order to maintain a good balance between formal and non-formal education, indoor and outdoor education.

Target group

Teachers of English or economics, professionals involved in the training of young students in the field of orientation and insertion into the world of work.

Economic operators and business coaches who wish to refine their English language and manage it professionally in the field of business development, communication, soft and leadership skills.

Key objectives

This course provides participants with a broadening of their vocabulary (through the enrichment of technical terms) which facilitates clear and confident communication in all work environments. This enables teachers to transfer the newly acquired skills to their students, stimulating their curiosity and creativity.

Using our constantly updated methods, we offer innovative learning paths that are customised according to the subject matter and the participant's starting level.

Furthermore, we always aim to put our learners in contact with local teachers and students to cooperate in the development of innovation and networking for future projects, working towards the full enhancement of the local context within the European dimension and the international spirit that has always distinguished the JUMP team.

Discover more about the program and #JUMPwithUS

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