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A new era has just started for the JUMP Training Academy of Soverato, Calabria - Italy

Aggiornamento: 15 mar 2021

Education means to believe in change

GOOD NEWS for the world of EDUCATION!

A new year has just started for the JUMP Training Academy of Soverato, the experienced Training Provider situated in the beautiful Ionian coast of the italian country, with new training proposals for 2021-2022.

In the last 5 years, more than 520 teachers, educators, entrepreneurs, school staff and other organizations working in the field of education, training, international development of EU projects, have participated in high quality training experiences rich in intercultural activities and a real international environment, through the Erasmus Plus Program or other funding programs supporting mobility of EU and extra EU citizens.

Because of the current situation all world countries are living due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to change the way of teaching and learning, because education means to believe in change.

The JUMP Training Academy has decided to improve the quality of teachers training in Europe with new training proposals offering on-site courses in Soverato (Calabria), available also in the online version, re-shaped and re-designed according to the specific needs of learners.

The new JUMP catalogue is online and published on the new website, full of news, video, projects and ideas.

Here, the list of the 31 new trainings provided by the JUMP Training Academy.

  1. Business English

  2. Clil is practice

  3. Coaching&Mentoring - Innovative techniques for teachers, mentors, and educators to fight drop up and motivate youth

  4. Coding@school

  5. Cultural Studies in Business

  6. Critical Thinking for future generation thinkers

  7. ECO-SCHOOL - Ecology education course for teachers and educators

  8. Emotional competences.Developing Emotional Intelligence in teachers and student

  9. ENTREPRENEURSHIP/FINANCIAL EDU - Building sustainability from schools to the labor market

  10. European Global Education as a new pedagogical approach

  11. European Heritage as a pedagogical and integration tool

  12. EPDM - European Project Design and Management

  13. Experience Italy - Language, culture, and food in the Calabria region

  14. GSSLT - Gaming as a social skills learning tool

  15. JOYFUL ENGLISH COURSE - Basic English or upgrade English language course for teachers and educators

  16. INCLUSION. Inclusive Strategies to develop inclusion at school towards a more inclusive society

  17. MEDIA EDUCATION - Fighting bullying and foster inclusion

  18. MIL Education. Media and Information Literacy

  19. ONLINE TEACHING. Supporting teachers to face the new frontiers in the digital era

  20. OUTDOOR EDUCATION - to improve pupils participation and fight drop out

  21. OUTDOOR LEARNING - Teachers and staff team building - working together and build cooperation projects

  22. School Living Theater

  23. S.O.S. European Citizenship Education

  24. SPECIAL NEEDS STUDENTS - Practices and policies in the European context

  25. STEM/STEAM Education - new frontiers for innovative schools

  26. Stress Management to improve teaching performance and personal life of teachers

  27. Teaching is Communication

  28. The EU, its functioning and new priorities for the years 2021-2027

  29. TICO Training - Teaching is Innovation, Communication and Outdoor Education

  30. T&T - Teaching & Technology

  31. VIDEOMAKING@SCHOOL - Classrooms in action and digital storytelling

For all info and to enroll, write to

We also tailor training programs according to specific needs and we always accept new proposals to design a new training.

We are ready to start again, with new hope and expectations, believing in a new and a better world, building Europe in a small town.


The JUMP Training Academy

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