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2 things true and 1 false

The game began with the interductional speech. To the each member of the group was given a peace of paper and a pen to write 2 true things about themselves and 1 false one. After that, the participants had some time to go from one to another and try to guess which one was a lie.

Then, the trainer asked the participants to make a circle so that it can be easier for them to communicate. While standing in a circle, they had to say the most interesting things they have remembered about each other. In the end, the game finished by making a conclusion that most of the people can always think of a lie first, and then think of something that is truth. That was also a useful game for the participants and the trainer to get to know each other better and be a little bit more relaxed since they are going to spend much time training together.

Here is the video with some moments from the game:

Article and video have been created thanks to students in traineeship by JUMP representing the Croatian partner "EKONOMSKO-TURISTIČKA ŠKOLA from Karlovac (Croatia): NIKA JEŽ - NINA ŠTRANJGER- MIHAEL BREZETIC

Tutor for video editing: Francesco Tirinato - Jump Team

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