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Webmaster, Web Developer and E-Coach

Pietro met JUMP while he was attending the Lyceum in Soverato. He’s currently working on different projects. The main one is related to a local association of Guardavalle, "Associazione Punta Stilo" that, among other things, sells biological products. His job was to create an e-commerce website for their brand, CalabriaBio, taking care of every aspect starting from the idea, programming a wordpress theme ad-hoc from scratch. Additionally he will create two more websites, including the main one of the Association. 

He cooperated with "Fisima" a company founded by three young guys from villages near Soverato, respectively Antonio Cossari from Petrizzi, Roberto Alecci from Satriano and Alessandro Macrillò from Davoli. They decided to move back to Calabria after completing studies away, knowing that unfortunately this region doesn't provide many opportunities... but they wanted to change things. So, after noticing a lack of digitalization in calabrian companies, they decided to take care of every aspect such as websites, social networks and communication for them with their web agency. That's what they do when a company asks for their help or when they offer it. Their latest project is "Convio", an online based service that gives the possibility to restaurants to create and ideate a digital menu.

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