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Natural Born Teachers

Description and main aims

Draft proposed program

Teachers are agents of change and their vocation in life should be teaching. Yet a teacher's professional life nowadays is totally different from what it has used to be. Sometimes for the best and others for the worst,  technologies entered our life and we all live in a very fast paced digital era. Paperwork became cumbersome and time-consuming. Living the true essence of teaching and building relationships with students becomes scarce and disappears within a stressful and busy daily schedule. We never seem to get enough time.

NATURAL BORN TEACHERS is a training structured in 6 days, from Monday to Saturday which combines 3 main elements;

-outdoor activities. To stimulate body movement through guided physical activities, discover nature and explore the local context while learning about Calabria’s culture and traditions;
relaxing. Both at sunrise and at sunset, on the beach as well as on  Soverato’s hill through sessions of mindfulness, yoga and other meditation;
team building. Thanks to group activities, games and cooking lessons.

An initial phase of brainstorming, collection of learning needs and expectation
a mid term evaluation in the middle of the week a final evaluation with a commitment path for the following actions to be taken as school staff going back to the usual life in the country of provenance.

Training goals

Rediscovering the essence of being a teacher in a natural context;
Managing stress, learning about mindfulness practices;
Strengthening team building among teachers;
Supporting needs sharing and solving problems among staff members (conflict management);
Enhancing creativity as a means for personal wellbeing and inter-personal connection;
Improving teacher's motivation and preventing burnout;
Developing self and cultural awareness and expression.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the training week teachers will have achieved:

How to use mindfulness, yoga and meditation to improve teacher’s relationships and wellbeing;
Learn about local culture, traditions and places of interest;
Enjoy physical activities like walking in nature;
How to implement non-formal education practices and methodologies;
Understand the Mediterranean diet while practicing tasty and healthy Italian recipes;
Get to know the Italian educational system.


Sunday: arrival of participants, welcome by the B&B, social dinner, free time and relax.

Monday morning: first briefing by organizers, presentation of the team, logistics of the local context, program overview and changes, moving to the city center. Outdoor team building game “The Mission Impossible in Soverato by JUMP”. Getting to know the Cultural Heritage of Calabria region. 

Monday afternoon: meeting to share the presentation of the program, learning needs and expectations “The time”.

Tuesday morning: waking up early for the first yoga session on the beach; breakfast with local fresh food; workshop to share conflicts and problems at school, creating the path for solutions.

Tuesday afternoon: first excursion to Soverato old village and to the botanical garden.Mindfulness activity in nature.

Wednesday morning: Cooking workshop with the chef blogger Jolanta Noto “Italian fusion cooking style”.

Wednesday afternoon: Outdoor lesson on the Italian school system

Thursday morning: Waking up early for a walk to a farer beach and second yoga session “Cultural game in Soverato”. Mid term evaluation.

Thursday afternoon: free time

Friday morning: visit to the local market and learn about food and cuisine.

Friday afternoon: excursion to Badolato old village and dinner altogether with local food.Depending on the season it’s possible to visit a olive oil cultivation or a wine yard.

Saturday:evaluation and delivery of certificates, checking the Learning Mobility Agreements and administrative receipts. In the afternoon of Saturday afternoon, or free time or proposed  ​Intercultural activities or an excursion "Discovering Calabrian old towns and traditions". Final social dinner among participants. 

Certification and number of days

JUMP certifies or 36 hours for 6 days course (6*6) or more if needed adding extra hours per day. Or 30 hours for a 5 days course (6*5). 

The course can be also extended to a 2 weeks course with the options 10 days or 12 days course if asked and agreed, depending on the project of the sending organization. 

10 days are excluded the weekend (5+5), 12 days are from Monday to Saturday morning (6+6). 

At the end of the training, JUMP delivers a formal certificate of attendance and the team is at disposal to fill the Europass certification document according to the EU model template and other needed documents for reporting of the sending institution. 



The cost is fully covered by the Erasmus grant. Write to to ask for information on costs and the services provided to plan your mobility project in Soverato with JUMP. 


JUMP organises a training every month of the year excluded in the Christmas period.

If you're a writing a KA1 project, please, plan the most suitable period for you and your team starting from the 1st of July every year and then, when you will know if your project is approved, we will write each other and we will confirm dates and sessions planning together. If you prefer to write and you need a formal confirmation, please write to

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