Graduated in Rome in "Languages in the information society", Marianna started to work since the University for the association founded by Erika Gerardini in 2008, AIM Agency for Interculture and Mobility as support in many aspects of the management of the team, including communication and project development.

She worked as social media manager in a long term project financed by the Europe for Citizens Program as AIM human resource (GRASSROOTS) and she was in charge of writing posts for the blog and for medias, then of the redaction of the final publication. 

Marianna continued to work as facilitator expert in European Citizenship for AIM working inside the EPS European Public Space in Rome managed by the Italian Representation of the European Commissione and the Italian office of the European Parliament. In the meantime she followed several European projects founded by Erasmus Plus and teacher trainings.

In 2017, getting again with Erika Gerardini who left AIM Presidency in 2014 and moved to Soverato for love taking part actively to JUMP development, Marianna was involved in the social media promotion of JUMP activities with a specific focus on Erasmus teacher trainings and educational programs. 

In 2018 Marianna is active member of both organizations, AIM and JUMP but she also takes part to other training events and she continues to study at higher level at the university in Rome. 

For JUMP she will represent the team in Cyprus to the seminar on EVS on behalf of the VOLUME project