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JUMP developed 2 Youth in Action projects between 2013 and 2014 which have been the starting up occasions to establish partnerships with schools and raise up the attention of citizens. It was the Euro.Soul Festival in 2013 that represented the main event and the big afford to bring at local level the European dimension and have a concrete impact facing European topics with experts, speakers, teachers, students and new jumpers. 

JUMP people is a team of project designed and project managers but also other kind of professionals working in different fields. It's true their work in the local reality of Calabria region and in wider contexts like the Italian one and in Europe that is possible to understand better the history of the association. 





The project financed by the Youth in Action Programme (now Erasmus Plus in the field of youth) as a long term youth initiative started much before the activities involving students of the local schools of Soverato. 

The JUMP team invented a strategy called "B.L.U. Boss Listen to Us" and organized a series of events "Agorà" at public level. Spontaneous meetings of ideas and people in an open greek theater inside a city garden and on the beach during summertime.

S.P.O.T. was a step afterwards and was a structured process of training students on communication and media education. Professional journalists and media managers conducted trainings teaching students on communication strategies, media impact and journalism. 

3 Editions




Euro.Soul Festival

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Regole Eco-municate per la Raccolta Differenziata

The project financed by the Youth in Action Programme (now Erasmus Plus in the field of youth) has been a pathway of Non Formal Training on the topic of Environmental Education and garbage collection. 

Thanks to local tailors it was created a big big puppet called Record Man which went inside many schools making dynamic and creative activities to teach children on Environment protection. 

The project raise the awareness of citizens and media and had a strong impact on the educational system.

Euro.Soul 2013

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