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Jess was born in England and attended the University of Oxford, where she obtained a degree in law. Since then, she has lived in different Countries across Europe – including Slovakia, Montenegro and Sweden. For shorter periods she lives in Italy, close to Soverato, working for JUMP as CLIL trainer but developing also other topics like Teaching is Communication, Team Building for teachers and outdoor education

Working as an English teacher and freelance writer, Jess has a passion for language and loves helping others to explore different ways of using language – whether in business, pleasure or in teaching. She strongly believes in the value of the CLIL method of learning and the philosophy of her lessons is about becoming comfortable and enthusiastic about speaking English – not about being perfect all the time! She would rather go for a walk and talk English in a café than set work from boring grammar books.

As CLIL is extremely connected with Communication, Jess developed her method combining several practices and training teachers using different tools coming from media and ICT and different spheres. For JUMP she already worked in several trainings with participants from all over Europe

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