A team of young men and women with different experiences and transversal competences but all united by a common framework which is the international dimension of working and learning to improve and bring a real and concrete change in the local context.

Pietro Curatola

Graduated from Modena University in business economics, Pietro has been working for 16 years in Emilia Romagna in the field of business development and access to finance. During the "Modena period", when he was 30, he lived a small 6 months parenthesis in London attending an English course and working at the same time. In 2012, feeling inside the deep sense of belonging to the South and understanding that the family needed him, he decided to come back to Soverato (CZ) aware that, with the competencies and experience gained, he could have been an active player at the local level.

Erika Gerardini

2002-2003 One year Erasmus studies in Càceres, Spain including a working experience in Barcelona. 2005. Graduated in foreign languages and international communication at Parma University, Erika started soon to work in the field of international youth mobility and European projects in Rome during the civil service by AFSAI, Associazione per la Formazione e gli Scambi Culturali (2003-2004). Through AFSAI Erika traveled around Europe (as Team Leader for young people and young adults) and also in Latin America (Costa Rica) as responsible for an important project on violence against women and gender balance in Eu society. 

Ylenia Azzaro

Graduated at Modena university in “Languages for Enterprise Communication and International Organizations” in 2017. She has a great passion for intercultural contexts and international exchanges. During her academic career, thanks to the Erasmus Project, she had the opportunity to spend six months in Zaragoza (Spain) developing social and intercultural skills.

Ylenia Azzaro.jpeg

Francesco Pungitore

Professional journalist expert in new media, teacher and trainer.

Master’s degree in Philosophy (University of Salerno), postgraduate degree in Teaching Technologies (University of Rome), master in Digital Communication and social media management (CdG Rome), operator diploma for Mediatheque and diploma of computer operator.

Catherine Perri

An Australian native with Italian heritage, left a promising career with the Australian Tax Department and moved to Italy in 1986. She married  soon after and started a family. Catherine was fortunate enough to be able to take time away from work to raise her three wonderful children. Once they were in school, she quickly resumed her professional path and specialized in teaching. She is a natural teacher and it shows. She is kind, caring, precise and encouraging

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Fabio Froio

One of JUMP founders with Pietro Curatola, Fabio was one of the most active JUMPER in the start up phase of the association when implementing the first European projects and organising the First "Euro.Soul Festival" in 2013. From 2014 Fabio is more in charge of administration and financial issues as for job he opened a private accounting studio in Davoli.


Tiziana Lentini

She worked as English Language and Literature teacher at the Linguistic High School of Soverato (2019 – 2021). In 2015 she graduated in Languages and Modern Cultures at University of Calabria with a dissertation in English Literature about J.R.R. Tolkien and his monstrous creatures (The Silmarillion, The Lords of the rings and the Hobbit). 

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Michael Gigliotti

Half Canadian, half Italian, Michael speaks fluent English, Italian and French. He completed his degree inUrban Planning from Concordia University, where he also participated in two international programs, inMelbourne, Australia and in Bologna, Italy. After graduating, he worked for a community environmental organization where, amongst several positions, he started as an environmental educator promoting sustainable practices and connecting children to the earth and their environment. 


Alessia Simonetti

Alessia is a passionate and experienced learning leader and innovator, with more than ten years of experience designing and leading local and international activities in the field of Education and Training.  Graduated in Communication Science at Sapienza University of Rome, for her final thesis Alessia conducted a field study in Brazil during her civil service year, working in an international cooperation project and analyzing the effectiveness of empowering adult learning methodologies applied to local trainings, community capacity building, social entrepreneurship and solidarity cooperation networks.

Sonia Simpatico

Sonia is a trainer in process to specialize herself in the field of Outdoor education, Outdoor learning and ECO-schooling. She is deeply exploring informal education also because with her daughter she's been practicing homeschooling. In 2020 she started a forest school project, where her mission is to (re)connect children to nature by experiencing it in all its nuances and elements with their 5 senses.


Jesse Mc Murray

Jess was born in England and attended the University of Oxford, where she obtained a degree in law. Since then, she has lived in different Countries across Europe – including Slovakia, Montenegro and Sweden. For shorter periods she lives in Italy, close to Soverato, working for JUMP as CLIL trainer but developing also other topics like Teaching is Communication, Team Building for teachers and outdoor education

Francisco Lòpez

Francisco Jose Lopez Bovet is English, French, Arts and PE teacher at IES LA ZAFRA in Motril, Granada (Andalucia). From year 2014 he is the coordinator of Erasmus + programmes at IES LA ZAFRA. Together with his team, he has been in charge of several KA103, KA102 and KA101 programmes. He has also attended formative courses related to CLIL and International Programme Design in Ireland, Holland and Italy, where as an added value for the course, had the chance to teach several lessons in an Italian high School. 



Graduated in law, he lives actually in Girifalco (CZ) where he's very active in the youth mobility sector implementing Erasmus Plus projects like youth exchanges and training for youth workers.

He lived in Bologna for some years and thanks to Erasmus he traveled in many places in Europe. For JUMP is social media manager

Francesco Tirinato

Francesco graduated from the University "La Sapienza di Roma" in Sociology, specialising in management and coordination of social policies, with a specific focus on planning and design of the territorial social services system.

In 2015, he participates with a group of researchers from the Department of Social and Economic Sciences (coordinated by the professorship of "Welfare Systems in Europe") in a research aimed at reconstructing the governance of social services in Rome, including the relationships between the various territorial Welfare networks and the European Union.


Jolanta Kolanowska

It's probably the only Chef Blogger of Ionian Cost, maybe of Calabria, Jolanta is Polish but she was living in London for a long time and then moved to Italy where she lives since 6 years. Her daily activity is cooking; expert in "cake design" but also very creative in managing her home-restaurant in Satriano. 

Francesca Casadonte

Nutrition biology doctor and mother of 2 children. 2008: International PhD in Molecular Oncology and development of new therapeutic approaches. “Magna Græcia” University of Catanzaro (Italy). 2003: Master in Biotechnology. University of Urbino, in collaboration with C.I.B., University of Greenwich, Fanoateneo, Institute Zooprofilattico of Umbria and Marche, 60 CFU acquired. 2002: Degree in Biotechnology. University “Federico II” of Naples. Grade: 107/110.

Romina Mazzotta

Romina was born in Soverato, studied Modern Literature at the University of Calabria where she obtained a post degree in Media Education.

At the Universidad Internaciónal de Andalucia (Spain) she deepened her academic formation attending a course for experts in Audiovisual content creation for kids.

Roberta Muratore

Roberta was born in Marsala, Sicily. After studying Foreign Languages at the University of Pisa, she decided to gain experience abroad with her husband. Travelling from Italy to the United States, from there to Switzerland, and later to England; she finally settled in London for five years.

roberta muratore.jpg

Pietro Sinopoli

Pietro met JUMP while he was attending the Lyceum in Soverato. He’s currently working on different projects. The main one is related to a local association of Guardavalle, "Associazione Punta Stilo" that, among other things, sells biological products. His job was to create an e-commerce website for their brand, CalabriaBio, taking care of every aspect starting from the idea, programming a wordpress theme ad-hoc from scratch. Additionally He will create two more websites, including the main one of the Association.


Francesca Politi

Francesca is a Calabrian, Milan based student currently getting a degree in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation. Her studies focus on German and English. She graduated from the scientific lyceum of Soverato where she made contact with Jump. Thanks to this encounter she started her story with youth exchanges.