Here the pictures of the first Transational Project Meeting held in Rome from 5 to 8 of December 2018. 

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Cultural Studies in Business approved with Erasmus Plus!

Article written by Erika Gerardini, JUMP Team

Cultural Studies in Business (CSB Project)

It was approved in September 2018 by the Erasmus Plus National Agency the K2 project with an ambitious title: Cultural Studies in Business which we would re-name as a potential cultural revolution in the business studies.

The leader of the project is La Sapienza University of Rome and other 5 University partners from Macedonia, Lithuania, Portugal, Croatia and Albania plus JUMP as second Italian partner with the key role to support the implementation, facilitate the internationalization and foster monitoring and promotion. 

Cultural Studies in Business aims at realised 3 Intellectual outputs which are ambitious and challenging: a research on the state of the art of the economical studies in the Erasmus Plus region composed by 33 Countries, a pilot new enriched curriculum where Cultural Studies are more integrated in the business and economical studies and a scientific journal for Professors to recollect papers and articles. It will be 2 years of traveling, discovering, researching, experimenting and embedding among universities and Professors working together who have the task to create innovative lessons for a pilot group of students. 

JUMP has the honour and the privilege to be partner and active support.