Graduated from the University "La Sapienza di Roma" in Sociology, specialising in management and coordination of social policies, with a specific focus on planning and design of the territorial social services system.

In 2015, he participates with a group of researchers from the Department of Social and Economic Sciences (coordinated by the professorship of "Welfare Systems in Europe") in a research aimed at reconstructing the governance of social services in Rome, including the relationships between the various territorial Welfare networks and the European Union.

The following year, she carried out a training internship at the Socio-Educational Directorate of the Fifth Municipality of Rome, working alongside the head of Social Services at the working tables of the Department of Social Policy, Subsidiarity and Health on the new Area Social Plans.

During the whole period of collaboration he developed a keen interest in the numerous activities promoted within the Europe Offices, responsible for the management and coordination of European Union Programming policies on the Roman territory.

Since 2017 he has been a freelance facilitator for European projects in the association and non-profit sector.

Since 2019 collaborates with the association Euphoria at Spazio Europa, managed by the Office in Italy of the European Parliament and the Representation in Italy of the European Commission. She carries out as Team leader non-formal activities for young students focused on various topics, including: active European citizenship, future of the EU, environment and sustainability in Europe, alternating school-work etc. 

As of 2021 she joins the big Jump family.