Nutrition biology doctor and mother of 2 children. 2008: International PhD in Molecular Oncology and development of new therapeutic approaches. “Magna Græcia” University of Catanzaro (Italy). 2003: Master in Biotechnology. University of Urbino, in collaboration with C.I.B., University of Greenwich, Fanoateneo, Institute Zooprofilattico of Umbria and Marche, 60 CFU acquired. 2002: Degree in Biotechnology. University “Federico II” of Naples. Grade: 107/110.

2010-2011. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, “Magna Græcia” University of Catanzaro Research title project: “Mesoporous Silica Beads for MALDI-TOF ms Profiling of Human biological fluids.. 2010: Research Grant by Italian Proteomics Association. Main Focus: Biomarker discovery for prostate cancer 2009-2011: Tutor in Molecular Biology, “Magna Graecia” University of Catanzaro. 2009-2010: Research Fellow , Proteomics laboratory of “Magna Græcia” University of Catanzaro. 2009: Research Grant by Italian Proteomics Association. Main Focus: nLC ESI-MS/MS analysis of human serum. 2008: Research Fellow on “Development of orthotopic model of human epitelial tumors in SCIDmice”. IRBM Institute (Merck Research Laboratories) in Pomezia (Rome, Italy) and “Magna Græcia” University of Catanzaro (Italy). Main Focus: Surgical orthotopic implantation (SOI) of humal epitelial tumors in SCIDmice; Subcutaneous xenograft experiments in SCIDmice; Expansion of primary cell cultures from prostate cancer patients. 2005-2006: Tutor in Patologia Generale. Università “Magna Graecia” di Catanzaro. 2003-2007: International PhD Course. “Magna Græcia” University of Catanzaro. Main Activities: Molecular Biology: PCR; Propagation and Purification of helper virus-dependent adenovirus (CsCl equilibrium density-gradient centrifugation); Cell Coltures; Bioconjugation (IL-antagonist-Aminobisphosphonate), Cell Biology. Proteomics: Analysis of Bioconjugated products; Peptide Mass Fingerprinting; Mesoporous Silica Beads for Plasma/Serum Proteomic Analysis (MALDI-TOF) 2003-2004: Research Biologist. Istitute Zooprofilattico of Catanzaro (Italy).

Main Activities: Research of zoonotic phatogens and food safety (PCR and RealTime PCR). 2001-2002: Undergraduate Student. Laboratory of Biotechnology for the Food Safety, Faculty of Medicine Veterinary, University “Federico II” of Naples (Italy). Main Focus: Food Microbiology and Food Inspection. Analysis of mt-DNA fragment through PCR and Sequencing for the species identification in fishing products prepared and transformed.


Actually Francesca is a free lance Nutrition biologist working in Calabria region and mother of 2 children.

With JUMP is developing labs and long term projects on Education for nutrition, health and wellbeing starting from children and preventing obesity and food waste. During a training in May 2016 Francesca conducted a workshop in primary schools of Soverato and for the next school year she will make labs for children for her own idea project "Captain food and the nutrition adventures". Francesca is very creative and as woman she involves families and other mothers and fathers to be more careful on this topics, she creates new methods to teach children for a good and health nutrition in a region where food is a key element and a source for tourism and socialization.