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Language, Culture & Food

Description and main aims

Draft proposed program

The training is a very specific and innovative proposal that JUMP makes to international guests which combines 3 main ingredients:

- learning Italian language using non formal education and experiencing speaking with native Italian speakers;

- improve the ability in cooking using local food, working with local chefs and learning by doing;

- discover and understand the local culture of Calabria, South of Italy and create a link with the economical development of the agriculture and food chain in Europe.

If you want to study Italian language and culture in Italy then you are in the right place! JUMP, Start up Youth! is a new and innovative NGO which, together with local catering colleges offers Italian language courses and programs for learners of all nationalities, adult learners, students who want to attend study abroad programs or internships in Italy, international university students, culinary amateurs and professionals. JUMP's commitment to academic excellence and high-quality classroom learning and instruction will surpass all your expectations. Attend Italian courses and gastronomy tasting of Calabria food, known as one of the best of the world! Learning is an intensive experience like cooking and tasting good food. Is possible to mix Italian language lessons with an intercultural trip in Soverato and learn also Italian cooking with students of the catering college. A programme of 7 days immerse in the culture of the South of Italy, in Calabria region, living in the beautiful city of Soverato, the so-called "pearl of Ionian sea".

The program of the long term training "Experience Italy: language, culture and food" is different from the others and we like to say that is a bit special. Why? Because it's not possible to fix it perfectly as it depends on many factors:

- the weather so the period when the participants come;

- the number of participants;

- the school partner, if a cousine college or another kind of institution

- if to focus the training on learning to cook or widen the program enriching it with other activities and events related to the topics "food, nutrition, tourism, controls of food safe&security.

What we did in the last trainings?

- cooking lessons with international cookers like Jesse Mc Murray or food bloggers like Jolanta Kolanowska;

- cooking lessons with restaurants chefs like Francesco Salerno (Trattoria Dal Maestro), Carmelo Stratoti (Pizza and fresh pasta maker);

- visit to a local baker and practice in making fresh bread;

- visit to local wine and oil producers discovering how it works these kind of markets and understanding difficulties of local farmers;

- visit to an important wine producer already organized and famous in the so-called "wine area" of Calabria (Crotone province);

- visit to local schools, especially the cousine college and activities with students and teachers;

- workshops in professional kitchen working with chefs working in school cellars discovering rules and laws of how to serve food to children;

- workshop on food and nutrition with a professional nutrition biology, Francesca Casadonte. 

- visit to a local vegetable garden discovering Italian type of fruits and vegetables;

- workshop in "Home restaurants", like the one of Giuseppe Ranieri in Davoli superiore. Understanding the new ways for young people and chefs to work in home restaurants enriching the touristic sector at local level. 


JUMP organises a training every month of the year excluded in the Christmas period.

If you're a writing a KA1 project, please, plan the most suitable period for you and your team starting from the 1 of July every year and then, when you will know if your project is approved, we will write each other and we will confirm dates and sessions planning together. If you prefer to write and you need a formal confirmation, please write to

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