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2002-2003 One year Erasmus studies in Càceres, Spain including a working experience in Barcelona. 

2005. Graduated in foreign languages and international communication at Parma University, Erika started soon to work in the field of International youth mobility and European projects in Rome during the civil service by AFSAI, Associazione per la Formazione e gli Scambi Culturali (2003-2004). Through AFSAI Erika travelled around Europe (as Team Leader for young people and young adults) and also in Latin America (Costa Rica) as responsible of an important project on violence against women and gender balance in Eu society. 

One of the main important working experience for her has been afterwards, from 2005, by the FNG Forum Nazionale Giovani (The National Youth Council), for 3 years as international officer, project designer and trainer. She could approach how it works an important institution depending directly from the Government being involved in international European events, training and long term processes of cooperation between Europe and the rest of the world. Erika was uncharged to write EU projects and meetings also with Africa and Latin America. 

In 2008 Erika founded, with a close group of colleagues, AIM Agency for Interculture and Mobility in Rome which in 2009 was awarded by a long term contract by the Italian Representation of the European Commission in Italy. In 2010 Erika started to work inside the secretary's office of the Spazio Europa, the European Public Space of the European Commission in Rome. From 2010 to 2014 worked at different levels organizing trainings, as trainer herself, implementing EU granted projects, always creating new synergies and ideas to apply for call for proposals. 

In 2014 she met Pietro Curatola in Rome and for love she left the "eternal capital" moving to Soverato (CZ) with the same aim of being an active player at local level and bring social innovation thanks to her experience at European level. She coordinates JUMP with Pietro and the staff and implements projects, trainings, events and educational activities for youth, teachers and for the whole community.

Since 2015 trainer and didactic responsible of all JUMP trainings (Erasmus Plus catalogue) coordinating experts and trainers on the different topics. Thanks to the meeting with Pietro Curatola, Erika could experience also other kind of projects, more complex and structured, with direct and indirect funds. 

Referring to Project Design and Management Erika coordinated a long term project K2020 (VET sector) titled “SO-VET: social entrepreneurship as alternative for unemployed youth” contributing in the creation of important intellectual outputs and training young NEETs of Calabria in gaining entrepreneurial competences. 

Thanks to successful project design and team work, are still ongoing projects in the different fields of Erasmus:

  • K205 “Green Fingers”, K203 “Cultural Studies in Business”, K201 “We School Europe”, K101 “We School Europe teachers’ Power”. 

More projects are now under evaluation and other ones in process to be submitted.