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                                                                                                MONASH UNIVERSITY (MELBURNE, AUSTRALIA)


I was born in Melbourne, Australia where I successfully completed my studies in Business and Marketing at Footscray College  before moving to Italy to become a wife and mother of three. 

My first 5 years in Italy were overwhelming with many obstacles to overcome but I  decided it was either "sink or swim" and so I swam.

The person I mostly looked up to while growing up was my mum because she always had the right answers to everything from the more futile issues to the most complex situations. She has been my inspirer, motivator and role model and I have always wanted to live up to her expectations so this is why I chose to become a Teacher and Mentor. I have been a Teacher and Mentor since 2002. My motto: " Make the best of what you have rather than strive for perfection". 

My positiveness and peace of mind come from my healthy way of life, regular exercise, shiatsu and in accepting my flaws and imperfections.

My talks aim at encouraging people in believing in themselves, improving educators approach towards  students and finding motivation in their work. My endless  passion for my job is reflected in my talks and lifestyle.

For JUMP Catherine is trainer of Coaching&Mentoring, Innovative teaching, Joyful English and Business English